What People Are Saying...

  • I wanted to thank you for getting me that calendar I've been looking for. I know I bought it, viewed it, begged family for it, kept quiet when it was off sale then pounced when the price dropped and I had a gift card. I have wanted this calendar.

    As such, now that I have it and am starting to use it, I give you, the Seller, and this Product, separate 5 star reviews, and I appreciated the email with the helpful hints. I hope to buy more of your product as birthdays arrive. We all need a little color in our lives, and some organization doesn't hurt. Thanks again.

    Mindi R.

  • I'm in love with this product! I had never ordered from Scraft Artise before but I definitely will be again. The matte finish looks really beautiful when making multicolored/layered decals. With this set, I was able to make several decals for our family vehicles and still have several sheets of vinyl left. The product is the quality I've come to expect when ordering a craft vinyl product and the price is competitive - especially with the free 2 day shipping. The colors are exactly as they appear on your screen (or really close to it) and a great addition to my vinyl stash!


  • Made some cool custom graphics for my SeaDoo using this material and a Silhouette cutter. From a single package I made hull numbers, text, logos, and large graphics for below the rub rail. I was pleased with how easily they went on and with the durability in a wet environment.

    The 12x12 size simplifies things when using the stencil cutter to make vinyl transfers. In the past I have used rolls of vinyl and they tend to bunch up in the cutter, particularly toward the end of the roll. A couple of the graphics were too large for a single sheet so I cut it in sections and re-assembled them on the SeaDoo.

    Steve V.

  • YAAAS I LOVE THESE. Perfect for bullet journalling, for those productivity nerds out there, heh. Really nice colors--they're on the pastel side, which I love, love, love. I use them all the time for my bullet journal, and they're really nice. They tear well by hand, but I prefer scissors since they give a cleaner cut.

    I prefer washi tapes with solid colors because patterns get a little to distracting, and these are perfect! Last a long time, and these colors can be used in a lot of different settings. When I run out I'll totally be getting these again! Although that'll probably be like in two years. These tapes last a long time (at least for me). :)

    Brenda S.