Vinyl Installation Tips

First Tip ~ Hinge Method

The "hinge method" for applying vinyl.  Now, that sounds hard but it's not.  It's a lot harder to explain.
So here's our best shot!

  • Visualize a thin piece of "blue" painter's tape running vertically through the middle of your graphic, added on top of your transfer tape.
  • Be sure to leave the paper backing on the vinyl, it will be removed one half at a time. This allows you to position your design without it sticking to your item (window, sign, tumbler, wine glass etc).
  • Apply your graphic using the painter's tape to position and hold it where you want it.
  • With it properly positioned, pick a side and remove the backing halfway back to the painter's tape and cut away that part of the backing. Smooth it down starting from the middle and working outward.
  • Remove the painter's tape and peel away the backing from the remaining half of the design.
  • Just like the first half, smooth it down starting at the middle and working outward.
  • You can now very carefully remove your transfer tape.

    You have successfully used the "hinge method". 

If you're a Visual Person Like Me, there are several videos that can be found with a Google search ~ "hinge method for installing vinyl graphics".

 Want to see it in action?  Here's a good one we found to watch:  Hinge Method in Action


Second Tip ~ Liquid Level 

Have you ever wished for an easy way to get your graphics straight and level on curved transparent glassware?

Decide where you want your design positioned and fill the glass with "water" to that level or really, any beverage of choice.  Hint...  Wash it first, then you can have a relaxing drink of the "water" after the application of your beautiful design and really enjoy your creative work!

The liquid level can line up with either the top of your design edges, the middle or even the bottom.  Now you can use the water level to keep your design straight.

If you're doing several pieces of glassware for a project, you can pour the water from one glass to the next to ensure even installation among all the glasses.

Employ the liquid level with the Hinge Method for larger glassware and you really have a fool­proof application.

Here's one of our favorite pics showing this method in action!  and check out our Vinyl here:


Liquid Level for Monogram of Wine Glass